Whale sharks can grow up to 45 feet long (15m) and weigh up to 15 tons. Every year they migrate in large numbers off the coast of Yucatan Peninsula from mid-May to mid-September after a journey of over 6,000 km. Biggest fish and shark in the world, these gentle giants are harmless and non-threatening to humans. In fact, they even seem to enjoy interacting with these curious people who come to swim with them.

Whale sharks can be identified by the pale white and yellow marks they have. These marks are unique for each individual whale shark, as fingerprints are to humans. The whale shark is a filter feeder with 5 large gill arches with approximately 3,000 very tiny teeth which enable them to process over 1,500 gallons (6,000 liters) of water each hour! Do not be afraid, it is impossible to be drawn into their huge mouth as their gill rakers consist of thousands of bristles of about 4 inches wide.

Living in subtropical waters, it is possible to swim with whale sharks in several places on the globe like Australia, Mozambique, Philippines, Seychelles, Maldives, Thailand, Belize and Honduras. But nevertheless, it’s a few miles away from Holbox beaches that we find the largest aggregation of whale sharks in the world. More than 800 specimens gather to feed on the waters rich plankton, krill and fish eggs. This is an amazing and still not well understood phenomenon, since whale sharks are usually consider as solitary creatures.

Want to know more about whale sharks and on their migration in the Gulf of Mexico? We invite you to read “Secrets of Whale Shark Migration Revealed” of the National Geographic.

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