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Spent the day swimming with Whale Sharks, maybe Manta Rays and hundreds of tropical fish in the warm clear waters of Holbox

Between 6 and 8 hours

Whale Shark Pier 6:30 am

The tour ends at the main whale shark pier

Our adventure begins at the whale shark pier at 6:30am where our team will supply all the necessary equipment as you prepare for your trip.

As one of the first operators in the industry, Glendy's bring an intimate knowledge of the area.  

On the journey, you will likely encounter manta rays, dolphins and turtles. 

Once we arrive at the whale sharks you will be able to dive in and swim with the gentle giants. 

On our return, we will visit a small reef in the Cuevones, at Cabo Catoche, where you can snorkel with many more marine life.

Then off to Santa Paula for our last stop where you will enjoy the beach and the most exquisite and fresh ceviche!

We will then return to Holbox, a 45 minute trip.

This tour is not suitable for children under 6 years old or recommended for pregnant women, the elderly, or people with spinal problems, as we cannot control the pressure produced by sea waves. Please consult your doctor ahead of booking should you be susceptible to injury or have an existing condition.

Transportation; Boat with real-time satellite tracker for security.

All our boats have eco-friendly engines that are in line with our commitment to maintaining the purity and sustainability of the island.

-From May 15th to June 10th

Weather conditions: Acceptable
Whale shark watching: Occasional

-From June 11th to June 30th

Weather conditions: Very good
Whale shark watching: Frequent

-From July 1st to August 31st

Weather conditions: Excellent
Whale shark watching: Very Frequent

-From September 1st to September 17th

Weather conditions: Not so good
Whale shark watching: Frequent

We are permitted to get nice and close to the whale sharks due to special permission from the Department of ___ allowing us to interact with them. By approaching them as close as 30m on our boat, you will be able to enter the water with our experienced water guides and enjoy them as they swim close by while keeping a safe distance of 3m. We will do all that we can to maximise your chances of an epic swim with a whale shark.

All of our crew have participated in the Department of ___Whale Shark Training Program so they are very qualified and experienced in how to swim with Whale Sharks. The crew will explain to you how to best swim with your Whale Shark to increase our chances of a perfect experience.

Seasickness is always a risk when spending a day on the water. Ways that you can avoid illness from affecting your day are:

Avoid drinking alcohol the night before your tour

Get a good night's sleep

Eat a small non-greasy breakfast prior to arriving

Purchase yourself some sea sickness medication from a pharmacy and take it as per the instructions

Once onboard, sip water and keep your eyes on the horizon as much as possible

Sit out in the breeze, don’t confine yourself inside

Try not to think about it, sometimes your own mindset is the best preventative

We offer water and assistance on board to anyone who may feel unwell.

We recommend consulting your pharmacist for motion sickness tablets in the event you may get sick as we are unable to refund tours due to seasickness.

-From May 15th to June 10th: 85%

-From June 11th to June 30th: 95%

-From July 1st to August 31st: 95%

-From September 1st to September 17th: 85%

More than 7 days from the date of booking

No penalty. 100% refund.

Less than 7 days from the date of booking

Penalty: deposit $500 mxn per person.
$3000 mxn for private tour 6 people.
$4000 mxn for private tour 8 people.
Refund of the rest.

Day before the booking, before 3 pm

Penalty: 20% of the cost of the tour. Refund of 80% of the value of the tour.

Day before the booking, after 3 pm and no-show

Penalty: 100% of the rate. No refund.

France - Verified booking
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Truly magnificent!! Supervision at the top of the top. Perfectly French speaking guide!! The guides know how to reassure us and help us to make us live the best of times. We were able to see around thirty whale sharks! Swimming with them is truly and extraordinary experience! We recommend it with our eyes closed!!
Switzerland - Verified booking
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Amazing! The whole was great. The whale sharks were beautiful and amazing to swim with. The boat trip was good. Food delicious. Swimming also lovely.
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There are no requirements to join our tours. If you can swim, you can swim with the whale sharks. Offering an intimate knowledge of the area and all its creatures, guest will experience a fun and adventure filled tour as they get personally introduced to the whale sharks by the businesses most seasoned operator.