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Opening Day: June 1st, 2014!!!

Cancun Day-Trip Alert!!!

Many of our clients have asked to take a FAST "day trip" from the Cancun and Riviera Maya areas, and we've listened!

Starting June 1st, we now offer ALL INCLUSIVE - including transportation - via our Cancun Departure Marina. GO TO: Decide which is your BEST option for your travel plans this year: HOLBOX or CANCUN departures, and then CALL us to book now!

We have increased capacity this year from either location!

Come on down and swim with the whale sharks this summer!

Roddrigo, the "Whale Shark Daddy", says so!

SWIM UP CLOSE in the natural environment of the Gulf Of Mexico with the Ocean's LARGEST FISH: The "WHALE SHARK". These huge sea creatures are found off the coast of Holbox Island Mexico in the state of Quintana Roo near Cancún. (This is a much more exciting experience than swimming with Dophins in a closed pen as offered elsewhere in the area).

[ A Typical Day of Swimming with Whale Sharks ]

Contact us for reservations now or call us direct on the island 01-9841-68-49-54 or U.S.A (305) 396-6987, to book your WHALE SHARK ADVENTURE.

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Coming to Holbox for the Whale Sharks? Prefer to Rent a Complete Beachfront House instead of a "cramped" Hotel room?

We've got the perfect new situation. Roddrigo, the Whale Shark daddy is now offering his Former home/office for rent!

It's located in the center of town right at the Whale Shark Reception Center & Pier! Sleeps up to 8. Perfect for 2 or more Couples, a family or two, etc. Minimum 4 night stay during the Whale Shark Season June 1 to Sept 15, 2013.

We can combine the House Rental & your Whale shark Adventure & Round Trip Private transfers from Cancun Airport......ALL on 1 billing! Fast easy & Convenient.

Rents for $285 per night Minimum 4 nights. FULL details, pictures etc can be found online:

Renting this Palatial Palapa Mansion for your Whale Shark Adventure is the Ultimate way to go!

The WHALE SHARKS are harmless & Non Threatening to humans. In Fact, they seem to enjoy their interaction with the curious people to come to swim with them. They migrate to Holbox Island every May through September.

Travel to their habitat in the Gulf Of Mexico aboard our FIRST CLASS Motor Yachts captained by Licensed Experienced Captains and Trained Guides. Trips begin on Isla Holbox every morning between 7-8am where you'll be greeted by our experienced staff.

Enroute to the WHALE SHARKS you'll be treated to viewing the abundant sea & bird life found at Isla Holbox. On a typical day in these still "UNSPOILED WATERS" you might see a School of Wild Dolphins, Flocks of Flamingos, Stingrays, Ibis, Egrets,Pelicans,The Rare "Chimay Birds" and much much more.

Enjoy Complimentary ICE COLD Water & Soft Drinks at your leisure. Once at the home of the WHALE SHARKS you'll enter the water in Small Groups where everyone will have more than enough time of "Close" interaction with these Magnificent Creatures. Full Snorkel Gear, Masks, Flippers, & Life-vests are provided to make your "In-Water" experience SAFE & COMFORTABLE, or you may bring your own gear.

After completing this "ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME" experience you'll be treated to a tasty lunch enroute back to Isla Holbox.

Holbox Tours & Travel is owned and operated by local "HOLBOXEANEANS" who have lived & fished here for over 150 years.

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Isla Holbox ( Pronounced "HOLE-BOSH" ) "x" in Mayan is Pronounced "SH".is a small protected island only 7 miles long & 1 mile wide. Home to 1500 beautiful people who are mainly fishermen, Holbox was founded by Pirates who inter-married with the Mayan locals. The descendants of the original 7 families are still here today. A recent story about Holbox in "ISLANDS" Magazine told the story of the relaxed way of life here where some days the biggest decision is "What Fish Is For Supper". The writer of the story after spending a couple days there commented:

"The People Of HOLBOX Are About As Contented As Any People I've Ever Met"

Holbox is Quite "UNLIKE" CANCÚN with its High-Rise Hotels Discos, Noise, Traffic & Congestion. Holbox is "Laid-Back" Tranquil & Peaceful. Truly a place to "GET AWAY FROM IT ALL" !!!! Our 7 Mile long White sandy beaches are MUCH SAFER than the dangerous undertow Caribbean waters of Cancún. Here the Golf Of Mexico gently rolls in without fear of water problems. Its flat sandy bottoms go out a long ways where you can explore for shells.

We invite you back to ISLA HOLBOX Someday in the future where you can experience this RELAXING "Way Of Life" & REALLY enjoy it. The main means of transportation is Motor Scooter, Golf Cart, or just plain ole walking.


We Are the "BEST" & Most Experienced WHALE SHARK TOUR

Won't you PLEASE Join us ?

[ More Pictures and Videos of Whale Sharks ]

NEW: All Inclusive Whaleshark Adventures

ALL-INCLUSIVE whaleshark swim adventures now available! The "ULTIMATE" whaleshark adventure awaits you this June, July and August 2008 on ISLA HOLBOX (Near Cancun). You tell us when you'll arrive and we'll send the "WHALESHARK EXPRESS" transport service to pick you up directly from the Cancun Airport. From there, it's a quick 2 hour drive to the Port of Chiquila and a mere 20 minute high-speed hop to ISLA HOLBOX!

In 2007, over 16,500 people swam with whalesharks. 2006 registered over 14,500. The word is getting out on this INCREDIBLE adventure anyone over 5 years old can do safely.

In 2008, we registered 18,000... 2009: 20,000. 2010: 22,000 WHALE SHARK SWIMMERS!

It's cool to see 4 whalesharks on display at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, but it's another thrill of a much different kind actually swimming side by side in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

We are HOLBOX WHALESHARK TOURS. We specialize in American Tourists wanting the ultimate swim adventure while visiting the Yucatan of Mexico. We have hosted Aquahut Travel, Shark Diver Magazine, National Geographic, AllTourNative Travel,, San Diego Shark Divers, 5 Star Divers, and others, fulfilling many divers' lifelong dream of swimming with whalesharks!

We offer COMPLETE turnkey packages including R/T ground transport to/from Cancun Airport or other diving locations on the Riviera Maya, COMPLETE WHALESHARK swim package that includes morning before swim coffee orientation, R/T luxury boat transport to/from whaleshark swim area, professional bilingual swim guides and boat captains, snacks, sandwiches and ICE COLD beverages throughout the tour, snorkel and safety equipment for those not having their own personal gear, hotel accomodations - EVERYTHING - COMPLETE! You just get to the Cancun Airport!

Many Americans coming down create a COMPLETE diving experience by adding time for reef diving in Cozumel, as well as Cenote Diving along the Riviera Maya Akumai areas. Combined with the Holbox Whaleshark Adventure, it makes for a week or longer adventure any adventure-seeker would relish!

It's a NEW adventure that's 100% SAFE. We've never had an incident or accident - EVER! Whalesharks are the ocean's largest fish and we are blessed with their presence every year starting around May 15th or so, going to the first part of September.

Ala Carte packages available on the island.

Let Holbox Whaleshark Tours help make your visit to the Yucatan / Cancun area a trip you'll never forget!

Holbox Whale Shark Tours offers 2 levels of service to swim with the Big Boys in the Gulf of Mexico.

Standard Tourist Whale Shark Adventure

On this service you will be grouped together with other tourists from around the world in groups of 8-10. After an early morning coffee reception where we review the Rules & Regulations, and answer questions, you'll be assigned to one of our Luxury Lanchas for the ride to the whale shark feeding area, where you will swim in groups of 2 with a licensed biologist / guide. You will round-robin 2 at a time, until each person has had 2, sometimes 3 swim episodes of approximately 10 minutes each. You will be provided snorkel and safety equipment that's rotated among the users. You'll also receive snacks, sandwiches, and ICE COLD non-alcholic refreshments on the tour. Upon return, you will receive your "diploma" signed by the WHALE SHARK DADDY! Bi-lingual guides and boat captains are at your service throughout the tour.

Price per person, adults and children: $125 P/P

"VIP" Private Boat Whale Shark Adventure

The ULTIMATE Whale Shark Experience awaits you on our EXCLUSIVE VIP service. This is a private boat without other tourists on board. It can be chartered for 2-8 persons, a family, group, etc. Here you'll receive the same services of the Standard Tour, but it will be on one of our best, fastest Lanchas. You'll also receive an early morning snack of freshly-made Empanadas and yogurt drinks enroute.

The highlight of the VIP service: you'll get EXTENDED SWIM TIME with the big boys! You'll still go 2 people at a time with a licensed biologist / guide, but you'll enjoy 5-6 extended durations swims, compared to 3 short swims on a public boat. This is the ULTIMATE way to go swimming with Whale Sharks.

As an option, you can specify some cold beers be brought on board in a SPECIAL ice chest (extra cost).

After your Swim the Captain will pull-up in a Spot where he knows Fresh Snapper, Grouper, & Yellowtail are in abundance. Then you'll catch these tasty morsels "Island Style" w/ Hand lines. Upon Catching the crew will instantly Filet & Prepare the "FRESHEST" CEVICHE Imagineable as they marinate in Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice & Salt, Then Expertly mix with Chopped Tomatoes, Onions, Cilantro, and a Hint of "Habanero Peppers" (optional). This is then served in a huge Bowl with Crispy Tortilla Chips. This would probably be 2+ orders P/P @ a restaurant & "Who Knows" how fresh the fish are that created the Restaurant Ceviche.............HERE YOU KNOW! YOU Caught the Fish CEVICHE is now included on ALL VIP TOURS!

Reservations in advance are a must, as space is limited on a daily basis. Reserve your VIP private boat now, just $1,100. Includes fresh ceviche prepared on-board by the crew!

PRICE is NOW $1,100 2-8 VIP PASSENGERS Add $100 P/P for 9th & 10th VIP (MAX 10 per Luxury Boat)

Holbox's best and only English-speaking tour operator. We offer public and VIP PRIVATE tours to swim with the ocean's largest fish, the whale shark. Our highly trained bilingual captains and guides will ensure your MAXIMUM comfort and safety throughout your tour lasting approximately five hours. Our luxurious high speed Lanchas have sun covers, and have THICK cushions for a smooth, comfortable ride to and from the whale shark swim areas.

Each June 15th through September, these giants congregate off the Holbox coast to feast on a delicacy of ocean life found ONLY near Holbox. Now recognized as the world's BEST place to do this activity, the adventure is SNORKEL ONLY, as mandated by the Mexican government. This allows the entire family, age 5 and up, to partake in swimming with the Dominoes (as they are called by the locals).

We've hosted National Geographic Traveler Magazine, Mexico Desconocido Magazine and Aeromexico in-flight Magazines, for stories in their prestigious publications. Additionally, dive gropus from around the world select us to take their groups out year after year. San Diego Shark Divers, Shark Diver Magazine, Houston Bay Area Divers, AquaHut Divers, Baja Jones Adventures are among the groups we serve.

Don't be fooled by other tour operators, operating from Cancun, promising a later departure or a cheaper price. The ride from Cancun to the whale shark area is twice as far as from Holbox, and if you arrive too late in the morning, the whale shark will have gone DEEPER for the day due to the water temperature. You'll get a polite "Sorry!" and thanks for coming for the boat ride!

The same is true for Quick Buck services operating in Playa Del Carmen, trying to do this tour ALL in ONE day! They'll get you to Holbox at 9:00AM, so you can sleep late. Same result: by the time you get to the big boys, they've gone deeper. After coming ALL this way, why risk disappointment? Do it with the professionals: Holbox Whale Shark Tours. Owned by local Holboxeaneans. Simply the BEST!!!

We are the ONLY tour offering a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!!!

** Note: It is important to know that we cannot controle nature, therefore we do NOT guarantee the snorkeling with the whale sharks nor the sightings. The whale sharks come to the waters near Cancun to feed on plankton, however when there is no/few food (plankton) there simply are no/not many whale sharks. We offer the Whale Shark Tour from mid-May to Mid-September, but we strongly recommend to make your reservation between mid-June to August since there is a higher possibility to see whale sharks.

General Location:

Holbox Whale Shark Tours is located in the heart of Isla Holbox, on the Gulf of Mexico. Just a short two hours from the Cancun Airport and the Riviera Maya Resort areas.

To fully enjoy this magical, spiritual experience, we recommend you come spend at least one night on Isla Holbox. Explore the island in your private GolfCar, enjoy a spectacular sunset, sip a few pina coladas or margaritas, savor a FRESH LOBSTER PIZZA at Edelyns Restaurant, and a get good night's rest!

Swim adventures commence each morning at 7:00AM when you attend the morning coffee briefing, and then boat assignments are made. We provide ALL snorkel and safety equipment as well as on-boat snacks, sandwiches, ice cold sodas and water. Public boat swimmers will receive 2-3 episodes in-water with the big boys; VIP PRIVATE tours receive unlimited time.

In addition to whale sharks, you may also encounter dolphins, manta rays, golden rays, turtles, flamingos - every day in Mother Nature's aquarium is different! Some folks swim multiple days - why not! You're already here - you decide!

We SPECIALIZE in complete packages that include private roundtrip transportation from Cancun and Riviera Maya areas, overnight hotels that range from basic posadas in town, to 4-Star beachfront resorts. All coupled with your whale shark ticket for public or VIP Private Services - all on one credit card!

Book Now: On-Line Reservation Request Form

Contact us for reservations now or call us direct on the island 01-9841-68-49-54 or U.S.A (305) 396-6987, to book your WHALE SHARK ADVENTURE.

We can arrange Ground or Air Taxi service from Cancún, Playa Del Carmen, Cozumel, and the Riviera Maya regions

Holbox WHALE SHARK TOURS..........Swim with Whale Sharks in the Gulf Of Mexico from June-Sept........AN "AWESOME" ECO Experience of a LIFETIME!!!! It's an ALL DAY Adventure!


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Trip Insurance
This is an important topic for all international travelers coming to Holbox to swim with Whale Sharks. You'll arrive at Cancun International Airport. Flights are delayed, connections missed, luggage lost, etc., etc. That in itself can be a MAJOR INCONVENIENCE. Another big reason to consider trip insurance is the WEATHER. (Here on Holbox we call this "HURRICANE SEASON" which runs from June 1st to December 1st. Our highest probabilities for a hurricane problem runs basically from July 1st to Sept 30th, which coincides with the Whale Shark Migration here. Just about every year we have to vacate the island for a Direct Hit, or Close Call. Nobody can predict these events in advance. Add in a possible "Medical Emergency" and you'll see it makes Good Sense to Buy TRIP INSURANCE that covers all of these eventualities. Located here is a direct FREE link to This site can Save you $100's on the purchase of Trip Insurance. You can easily compare the products offered through their site & get the "PEACE OF MIND" you'll appreciate "IF" Something goes wrong. WHY take a chance? Buy as little or as much as you need. Its up to you. Click here to go directly to InsureMyTrip!

Holbox Whale Shark Tours
U.S.A. Tel.: (305) 396-6987 · International: 01 (305) 433-7523
En Español: Méx. 01-9841-68-49-54 · E.U. 011-52-9848-75-21-73
Calle Bravo frente La Playa · Isla Holbox · Qro. México

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